About Wilco Academy

by Words Inc S.A.S.


Wilco Academy is the Aviation English online source for pilots and ATCs willing to improve and/or certify their Language Proficiency in accordance to ICAO international requirements for an effective and safe communication during air operations. 


Wilco Academy is for you if

  • You want to check your current Aviation English level; Take our Placement Test and assess your proficiency in comprehension, interaction, fluency, vocabulary, structure and pronunciation within the Aviation English context.      
  • You are new in Aviation English; learn and practice aviation-related vocabulary, terminology, and structures that will help you communicate efficiently. 
  • You want to improve your Aviation English level; take our placement test and start with a course appropriate to your level.
  • You want to prepare for the EALTS or TEA test; our preparation courses will guide you through the features, tasks, and dynamics of the test. Enroll and make the best out of our contents and practices designed for a continuous exposure to test-like activities. 
  • You are willing to join an online community 100% devoted to the Aviation English practice; join our courses, live sessions, online assessments and resources to improve your proficiency in all of the language skills assessed by ICAO.


These online courses are now available for you

  • Placement Test – Check your current Aviation English level.
  • Aviation English Level 2 – The ABC of Aviation English.
  • Aviation English Level 3 – Improve your Aviation English and practice routine communications.
  • Aviation English Level 4 - Improve your Aviation English and practice non-routine and emergency situations.
  • EALTS/TEA preparation: prepare for the official certification of your language proficiency; try our contents, language skill-oriented practices, offline and live drills.    
  • Phraseology Workshop – The ABC of standard phraseology for radio communications. 
  • Aviation Plus – Join our live sessions and improve your communication skills through aviation-related scenarios.


Our Aviation English instructors are there for you

Any question? Use our communications channels, there will always be a specialized instructor supporting you. Free communication channels available for you on Wilco Academy:



Join our live sessions!

An aviation English Instructor will be available in sessions of 90 minutes to help you practice a specific Aviation English topic, answer your questions, and guide you through the improvement of your communication skills. Every live session will include a maximum of 5 participants. 


Enroll in our courses and be part of our online Aviation English Community!