A perfect course to learn new structures and vocabulary, improve your pronunciation, interaction, fluency and comprehension in the English language within the Aviation context.

Willing to take your Aviation English to the next level? Enroll in this course if you speak some English but it is still broken and need improvement. 

Why is this the course for me?

This course is designed for you to:  

  • Improve the English you know by reinforcing the practice of basic and more advanced structures.
  • Add new Aviation-related words to your vocabulary.
  • Correct pronunciation flaws to make your communication more clear.
  • Practice comprehension and interaction through radio-communications of routine exchanges between the pilot and the ATC.
  • Express your ideas in a more fluent, clear and structured way.   


Aviation English Level 3 will help you:

  • Understand the main idea of concrete aviation topics, and technical discussions. 
  • Interact with a degree of fluency and spontaneity. 
  • Interact without strain for you or your interlocutor.
  • Describe experiences and events.
  • Give reasons and explanations for opinions and plans. 

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